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Birthday Party Package
All packages include:
   • Up to 8 children    • Pizza     • Soda/Juice/Water
   • Coffee/Tes   • Balloons   • Paper Products
   • Cupcake for Birthday Child   • Games
   • 2 Cupcakes each for decorating

Imagination Package (ages 4 and up)
Children will be give 2 cupcakes. The first one, we will teach them to create an animal suited for their age. They will be allowed to take this cupcake home. The second cupcake will be decorated using the child’s own imagination. They will be creating anything they want using sprinkles, fondant toppers, colored sprays, and other edible decorations.

High Heel Package (ages 8 and up)
Children will be taught how to make a high heel shoe using all
dible pieces. They will be able to take the high heel shoe home.
The second cupcake will be used for the children to create anything they want. They will be supplied will edible decorations to make
their vision come alive.

Please call for pricing!
(609) 593-3150
Specialty Confections
   • Cake Pops
   • Turnovers
   • PMS Cupcakes (Best Peanut Butter Frosting in NJ)
   • Brownie Bites
   • Cake in a Jar
Please click the images below to see our other confections that we create.
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